DoroSenior cell phones are all the craze! However, until recently most were frustrated with the itty-bitty buttons of most cell phones on the market. Texting with these phones for most seniors is very difficult and maddening.

However, now there is a simple cell phone with big buttons and lights up in the dark with big letters known as the Dora cell phone. The Doro cell phone is competing head to head with Samsung and Motorola and its getting raves reviews.

As more and more seniors recognize the importance of having a cell phone to keep in touch with family, kids are pushing their elderly parents to catch up with the times and see this technology as a means to communicate in an emergency situation. For instance, texting is the best way to stay in contact with family during a hurricane or any other natural disaster.

Dora is a simple cell phone for elderly and is sure to spike in sales once senior citizens try the phone. There have not been many cases of an unsatisfied customer once they use the Dora cell phone. It’s just that simply to use and that’s Doro’s goal, “For seniors, we kept our phone very simple.”

Another great feature of the Doro cell phone; it’s an ‘unlocked’ phone. This means you can use it with any cell phone carrier that accepts ‘unlocked’ cell phones. There are plenty so don’t fret about your options.

So if you are looking for a easy cell phone mainly for emergencies for around $20 per month and 300 minutes than the Doro seniors cell phone.

Check out; Cell Phones for Seniors for more information on this subject.

senior_phonesSteps on how to get a free cell phone. First you have to see if you qualify then you can redeem a free cell phone of your choice!   With a new phone you can keep up with the newest technology.

You have a choice so if you need a phone with large keys to dial uncomplicated or a large screen for easier reading.

In these days it’s important to have a phone so you can keep in touch with family.  Seniors are getting on board with have a cell phone to communicate in an emergency situation.  Texting is the best way and sometimes the only way to stay in touch during a natural disaster or a hurricane.

With all this said, isn’t it time for you to get a phone and what is better than a FREE PHONE?!?!

Phone for Seniors Provide Lifeline

Advocates for the aged say it is time for Seniors to stop thinking of a cell phone as a luxury item. Phones for seniors are a lifeline to emergency help.  As a result of this movement seniors cell phones and cell phone plans for seniors are popping up everywhere after years of no companies developing the perfect senior cell phone.

Exclusive Offers for AARP Members

AARP has teamed up with Consumer Cellular and AARP members will receive a 5% discount off monthly fee and usage charges.  There is also a 30% discount on various accessories.  This offer has not contract obligations, extremely affordable cell phones for seniors and great customer service.

The partnership between AARP and Consumer Cellular brings high value to AARP members  impeccable service from Consumer Cellular.


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What to Look For in a Cell Phone for Seniors

What features qualify a phone to be an elderly phone?  First, a large screen with easy to read display and simple menus, operator assistance or emergency buttons are extremely helpful to a senior citizen. These phones are basic and designed to basically just make calls.  No need to have all these other features that only cause confusion.

If you are looking for a phone to be just a phone than Jitterbug and Samsung from GreatCall are easy to use, with large keypads for dialing and features that make these phones for seniors easy to use.

Free Cell Phones for Seniors from AARP

Simple Cell Phones for Seniorssenior_phones

Let’s face it, the problem with most phones on the market; they are much more difficult to see and harder to hear.  There are too new features you just don’t use and they get in the way of what you really need and that is just a phone.  A simple cell phone for seniors!

A phone getting a lot of attention in the senior community is the Jitterbug.  It allows you to turn off the features you don’t use, reduces background noise which makes the sound louder and clear and it has bigger buttons and numbers.   Another benefit to the Jitterbug is the outstanding customer service.  It’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with live operators who will great you by your name and they are based in the USA.  They will even add your friends and family to your phone’s contact list.  Jitterbug’s services (such as, text) are easy to understand, easier to use and even easier to set up.

But All You Want is a Phone!

Yes, Jitterbug is the best way to do that but once you see just how simple the services are you may just discover how fun and useful their services are.  The best part about this cell phone for seniors is you can save up to $300 per year compared to the big cell phone services. These phones save you money, give you better customer service and no contracts.  Yeah, this is the simple cell phone for seniors.

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