Cell Phone Tracker for Alzheimer’s Patients

Cell Phone Tracker for Alzheimer’s Patients

Omnilink Systems announced the release of their Alzheimer’s Association Comfort Zone Check-In as an extension of their current product. The extension gives Alzheimer’s patients and their caregivers a new range of device, service plans, and features for helping those with the disease to maintain some independence and giving their family a sense of security.

The Comfort Zone Check-In uses a web-based tracking application that interacts with tracking devices. Users can locate any Sprint phone that has an active service plan, the ability to schedule one daily location requests via text or email, track several devices using the same account, and low price, on-demand rates for those who do not wish to have a continuous schedule.

Unlike the original Comfort Zone, Comfort Zone Check-In allows family and caregivers to locate the person with Alzheimer’s only when needed. This allows for users to create a cost effective and customized tracking program to suit their needs. Families and caregivers will have the ability to log into a password protected website to manage their specific program. Comfort Zone Check-In packages start at $9.99 a month and increase from their depending on the device being monitored. For more information, visit www.comfortzonecheckin.com

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