Simple Cell Phones for Seniors

Free Phone - Senior siteLet’s face it, the problem with most phones on the market; they are much more difficult to see and harder to hear.  There are too new features you just don’t use and they get in the way of what you really need and that is just a phone.  A simple cell phone for seniors!

A phone getting a lot of attention in the senior community is the Jitterbug.  It allows you to turn off the features you don’t use, reduces background noise which makes the sound louder and clear and it has bigger buttons and numbers.   Another benefit to the Jitterbug is the outstanding customer service.  It’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with live operators who will great you by your name and they are based in the USA.  They will even add your friends and family to your phone’s contact list.  Jitterbug’s services (such as, text) are easy to understand, easier to use and even easier to set up.

But All You Want is a Phone!

Yes, Jitterbug is the best way to do that but once you see just how simple the services are you may just discover how fun and useful their services are.  The best part about this cell phone for seniors is you can save up to $300 per year compared to the big cell phone services. These phones save you money, give you better customer service and no contracts.  Yeah, this is the simple cell phone for seniors.

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Some of the Features You and Your Family will Love

 Safety Services:

  • 5Star Personal Security
  • The Check-in-Call
  • Handset Replacement

Health Services:

  • LiveNurse
  • The Wellness Call
  • Daily Health Tips
  • Medication Reminder

Communication Services:

  • Text Messaging
  • VoiceMail
  • International Calling

Lifestyle Services:

  • MyWorld
  • MyCalender

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