Senior Cell Phones: Simple ‘Unlocked’ Cell Phone from Doro

DoroSenior cell phones are all the craze! However, until recently most were frustrated with the itty-bitty buttons of most cell phones on the market. Texting with these phones for most seniors is very difficult and maddening.

However, now there is a simple cell phone with big buttons and lights up in the dark with big letters known as the Dora cell phone. The Doro cell phone is competing head to head with Samsung and Motorola and its getting raves reviews.

As more and more seniors recognize the importance of having a cell phone to keep in touch with family, kids are pushing their elderly parents to catch up with the times and see this technology as a means to communicate in an emergency situation. For instance, texting is the best way to stay in contact with family during a hurricane or any other natural disaster.

Dora is a simple cell phone for elderly and is sure to spike in sales once senior citizens try the phone. There have not been many cases of an unsatisfied customer once they use the Dora cell phone. It’s just that simply to use and that’s Doro’s goal, “For seniors, we kept our phone very simple.”

Another great feature of the Doro cell phone; it’s an ‘unlocked’ phone. This means you can use it with any cell phone carrier that accepts ‘unlocked’ cell phones. There are plenty so don’t fret about your options.

So if you are looking for a easy cell phone mainly for emergencies for around $20 per month and 300 minutes than the Doro seniors cell phone.

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